Become A Donation

Become A Donation
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We believe that education is a fundamental right and a powerful tool for empowering children and communities. Millions of children in the developing countries still lack access to quality education. Education plays a pivotal role in driving positive change and sustainable development. It equips individuals with knowledge, skills, and opportunities to break the cycle of poverty, improve their livelihoods, and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Education also promotes critical thinking, fosters social cohesion, and creates a foundation for inclusive and resilient societies. That’s why we work with local communities to identify and address the barriers to education.




With your help, we can make a significant impact by reaching out to more children and underserved communities in need. Together, we can improve access to quality education and supply essential learning materials and resources. Let’s make a meaningful difference in creating a brighter future for these children and empowering them to transform their lives and communities.





Education Projects in Pakistan

  • School Supplies and Uniforms for Underprivileged Students: provided 231 special needs children, orphans with school uniforms, shoes, school bags, and stationery.
  • Visual Aid Technology for Deaf Children: a total of 82 LED TV screens were distributed to 82 classrooms nationwide, positively impacting the educational experience of 1,230 students.
  • Vocational Training Support: under privileged students received hands-on opportunity to learn about computers, electronics, arts/crafts, gardening, and photography. The funds will also help students to start their own small business.
  • Refurbished Computers: a total of 60 refurbished computers were provided to three different campuses in Hyderabad, Sukkur, and Nawabshah. 650 students from classes 4-12 will benefit from these computers.
  • Sponsorship of 30 Blind Students: these sponsorships will cover the cost of transportation, and educational fees such as, books, uniforms, and other needs.

Education Projects in Nepal

  • Sponsorship of Educational and Welfare Support: 30 sudents from low-income families in two schools are being sponsored.

Education Projects in India

  • Tamil Nādu: Computers were provided to students from rural areas and low-socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Hyderabad: Classroom furniture and scholarships for deserving students with merit from low-income families for higher education.
  • Telangana State: educational support for 424 orphan students in 29 schools