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Become A Donation
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We believe that access to quality health care is a fundamental human right, and it is crucial in improving the well-being and resilience of individuals and communities.




With your support, to improve health outcomes, we can provide:

  • medical care
  • vaccinations
  • essential medicines

Your support can make a significant difference in saving lives and building healthier communities. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and help ensure children and families in the developing nations have access to quality healthcare, so they can lead healthy, fulfilling lives.





Health Projects in Bangladesh

  • Nutritional Support for Rohingya Children in Three Temporary Learning Centres (TLC) in Kutupalong Camps: COIN networked with a local charity to provide breakfast support to Rohingya children that live in the refugee camps and attend the 3 TLCs. The food situation in the camps is critical. This program enables them to start their day at the centre with a full stomach.

Health Projects in Pakistan

  • Capital Enhancement and Partial Vaccinations Support for Community Health Care: medical equipment, facility upgrades and vaccination support was provided at the health centre. Items such as, birthing table, baby warmer, solar panel for uninterrupted supply at Community Health Centre were provided. The centre dispenses free vaccinations of impoverished mothers and children in Karowal, and surrounding villages, targeting 2,200 families.
  • 8 Mobile Camps for Health Screening of Women and Children for Kidney Diseases and Dialysis of Impoverished Female Patients: 800 patients are screened in Hazara Division. In addition, dialysis treatments were provided free of cost to low-income female patients.

Health Projects in Palestine

  • Eyeglasses and Clean Drinking Water: two schools in Gaza were supported. According to a United Nations report, only 10% of the Palestinians have access to potable water, a leading cause of preventable health issues and deaths. This program will benefit 1,480 beneficiaries. The eyeglasses will benefit 80 students following a visit to a certified optometrist.
  • Gaza: Medical supplies were distributed to 7 health facilities.

Health Projects in Turkiye

  • Maternal and Infant Health kits for Syrian refugees: 150 maternal and infant health kits were distributed to the young pregnant and postpartum Syrian refugee mothers and their newborn infants living in Turkiye.